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I've just been thinking about this for awhile and wanted to get my thoughts out there.

As all my friends and followers know, I love crossovers. I love the possibility of two characters from different franchises interacting. Unsurprisingly, Super Smash Bros. is my favorite crossover, with some of Nintendo's biggest names going up against each other.
And it also comes as no surprise that I love crossover shippings. If you look at my crack pairings I enjoy on my profile, you'll notice the majority of them are crossovers. I guess it's because unlike in-universe shippings, there's a lot more possibilities as to them. In the Kid Icarus universe, there's only about 4 people that Pit is usually shipped with. But in the Smash Bros. universe, there's about 10 people Pit is shipped with. What I also find fun about them is the blending of two different art styles. My OTP, RosalinaXPit, involves one character who has a more cartoony style, while the other has a highly-detailed anime-esqe style.
I was talking to a friend of mine about crossover ships the other week and this is where I started thinking about this. While I do enjoy crossover ships, there is something I'm not fond of: cross-genre shippings. I'm not talking about different game types; I mean different setting types. Take, for example, IkeXSamus. Ike is from a fantasy game, while Samus is from a sci-fi game. I just don't feel that they'd have much in common. Captain FalconXSamus, on the other hand, involves two characters who are both from sci-fi games. I just feel like they'd have more in common with each other and would work as a couple.
Another example would be RosalinaXPit or RosalinaXMarth. Rosalina is a cartoon-fantasy character (she uses magic and is seemingly immortal or at least ageless), Pit is a mythological-fantasy character, and Marth is a medieval-fantasy character, so I feel that either one of those two shippings could work (or PitXMarth. =P That could work, too.)
I'm also not fond of Good Guy X Bad Guy shippings, which is why I really dislike PitXPittoo or Bowsalina (BowserXRosalina). Good guys and bad guys often have completely different personalities, motivations, and interests, so I never feel that they would have any reason to even like each other, let alone date/marry each other. It really feels illogical to me. Yeah, I know most crack pairings are illogical, but there are some bits of disbelief I cannot suspend, such as a good guy and a bad guy resolving their differences over a crush.

Feel free to post your thoughts on crossover shippings in the comments.


Alex Harimon-Agins
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! I am Alex, a Rosalina fan who, like so many others, loves her. But don't judge me unfairly because of the other Rosalina fanboys. I'm really a very nice guy if you'll treat me kindly.

As well as Rosalina, I am also deeply in love with Lady Palutena from the Kid Icarus series :love:

I am a big Mario series fan. My favorite game in the regular series, being my first, is Super Mario Galaxy. My favorite Mario spin-off is Mario Kart Wii. It's also my favorite video game of all time.
I also like F-Zero X, the Kirby series, the Smash Bros. series, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Favorite Video Games:
1. Mario Kart Wii
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Super Smash Bros Brawl
4. Kid Icarus: Uprising
5. Mario Tennis 64

Favorite Mario Characters:
1. Rosalina
2. Daisy
3. Waluigi
4. Shy Guy
5. Toadette

Favorite Smash Bros.
1. Samus
2. Captain Falcon
3. Kirby

Favorite Melee-rs
1. Roy, my boy
2. Dr. Mario
3. Ganondorf
4. Mr. Game & Watch
5. Mewtwo

Favorite Brawlers
1. ZS Samus
2. Pit
3. Mr. Game & Watch
4. Ice Climbers
5. R.O.B.

Favorite Sm4shers:
1. Palutena :love:
2. Rosalina :love:
3. ZS Samus
4. Pit
5. Mr. Game & Watch
6. ROB
7. WiiFit Trainer
8. Dr. Mario
9. Robin
10. Morton Koopa Jr. (Bowser Jr. skin)

Favorite F-Zero racers:
1. Jody Summer
2. Mighty Gazelle
3. Captain Falcon
4. Dr. Stewart

Favorite Transformed Racers:
1. Gum
2. Wreck-It Ralph
4. Vyse, Vyse, baby
5. Mii

Favorite Tekken Fighters:
1. Angel
2. Alisa
3. Bob/Slim Bob
4. Alex
5. Christie

Favorite Kid Icarus characters:
1. Palutena :love:
2. Pit
3. Pyrrhon
4. Phosphora
5. Arlon (who breaks the trend of the list)

Favorite TF2 mercs:
1. Pyro
2. Spy
3. Medic
4. Scout
5. Sniper

Favorite Kirby characters:
1. Poppy Bros. Jr.
2. Galacta Knight
3. Prince Fluff
4. Meta Knight
5. The pink puffball himself

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I enjoy:
Alex (my self-insert) X Rosalina
Alex X Palutena
Mr. Game & Watch X Princess Zelda
Any couple involving R.O.B. (especially Mr. Game & Watch X R.O.B. and Samus X R.O.B.)
Rosalina X Pit
Rosalina X Marth
Marth X Roy
Marth X Peach
Mr. Game & Watch X Samus
Samus X Captain Falcon
Pit X Phosphora

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I kinda like, but not much:
White Mage X Waluigi
Daisy X Mario
Waluigi X Daisy
Samus X Mario
Samus X Zelda
Pit X Peach
Kirby X Jigglypuff
Rosalina X Samus
Rosalina X Ike
Palutena X Link
Pit X Lucina

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I will never like:
Solid - Rose (Snake X Rosalina)
Bowser X Rosalina
Most couples involving Ike (Samus X Ike, Pit X Ike, Marth X Ike, etc...)
Pit X Palutena
Toad X Toadette (they are siblings)
Popo X Nana
Luigi X Rosalina
Any involving Yoshi (besides Yoshi X Birdo, but I'm indifferent about that one)
Palutena X Ganondorf (seriously, WTF?)

I never try to insult anyone; I'm just very opinionated.

I'm also a Ace Stamp 1 by RJDaae
Got Pride?-Asexual by Makki12

My :devart: family:

My older sister - :iconzeldalina:
My younger sisters - :iconpokefan-271: :iconcutieblackmage: :iconyoshidaisyfriends: :icon5dspeach:
My quintuplet sisters - :iconsweetscout: :iconjeniashi: :iconthetroublesomezorua: :iconstarmischief:
My cousins - :iconamminyan: :iconchrysalislover: :iconcrystaliszelda: :iconcandysmithers:
My aunts - :iconpenguinton: :iconsunshineluigi:
My brothers - :iconadmiralpit: :iconwonderpikachu12: :iconmewmaster1997::iconmarioluigi25: :iconnintengustavo:

Friends of mine in love with video game characters:

Do NOT thank me for favs or for watching you!

Do NOT ask for points! :iconpointslaplz:


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