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It is no secret that I love robots. Ever since childhood, I have loved the idea of artificially-created beings that share many characteristics with humans. Throughout the years, I’ve seen many, many, many robot characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. Today, I will give you my top 10 favorite robot characters.

10. Robot from Toy Story. You might not even remember this character from the first Toy Story movie, and I don’t blame you. It’s sometimes hard to remember a character whose biggest line is “Mr. Lightyear wants more tape.” But I really like this guy. He looks like he would be a fun toy to play with. He’s got a handle for easy transportation, his head lights up when he talks, and his treads, with letters and numbers all over them, might be interesting to use with Play-Doh or something. Overall, a really fun-looking robot that I wish could be made real.

9. Quixtreme 5000 from Cubix: Robots for Everyone. I loved this show as a kid (and by “this show,” I mean its merchandise :XD: ). The show took place in the not-too-distant future, where humans and robots coexist in society. The show has a huge collection of robots, unsurprisingly. Of all of them, my favorite is Quixtreme 5000. He’s a robot owned by Charles, the rich jerk of the show. What makes Quixtreme so awesome is it transforms from a bipedal robot to a cat-like transportation device or a hovercar, both of which have a nice, comfy-looking driver’s seat. If such a robot existed, it would have incredibly high demand. And for good reason.

8. Robot Devil from Futurama. Sharing his voice with Homer Simpson, the Robot Devil is the first robot on this list who can actually be called a ‘character.’ And boy, is he a fun character. Despite being, well, the Robot Devil, he’s actually not a very bad guy. He’s got a lot of charisma and has some great comedic scenes. Let’s not forget his incredible musical number, “Robot Hell.”

7. Cherubot from Kid Icarus Uprising. I love angels. I love robots. So seeing a robot being piloted by an angel is just over-the-top awesome :D Anachronisms aside, the Cherubot is a really great item in the game. It gives Pit a nice bit of protection while not sacrificing his fighting style. The design is also really cool and seems very fitting for the game. I can understand why it is Pit’s new best friend.

6. R.I.O. by SweetScout. I know this one is a bit unorthodox since he’s not a mainstream character like everyone else here, but I could not leave him off this list. This adorable little guy is the son of R.O.B. and Kel. What I love about him is his very sweet personality. He’s an overly-emotional robot who wants to be as human as he can. I can tell he has a soul to him that it seems so many robots lack. I love him so much that he’s currently dating Minnie, my OC daughter. :aww: I’m positive I have drawn him more than Kel has :XD:

5. X-R from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I loved watching the Buzz Lightyear spin-off movie and TV show as a kid. As a grown-up, I love it even more for its poking fun at sci-fi tropes and great sense of humor. One of the funniest characters in the show is X-R. X-R was created by the LGMs as a partner for Buzz after his last partner was killed. After being fixed poorly, he went from being a machine that learned from observation and experience to a dopey, lovable robot with his own personality. It also helps that he’s voiced by Larry Miller, who was great as the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert.

4. Alisa Bosconvitch from the Tekken series. Although she may not look it at first glance, this adorable girl is actually a pretty powerful robot with detachable limbs, exploding heads, chainsaw arms (groovy!), and jet thrusters in her back. She’s basically a Swiss Army Robot hidden under an adorable girl. Not to mention that Alisa is a very likable character. She’s very sweet and polite and I like her childlike-innocence. You just wanna give her a hug whenever she’s not kicking you senseless. I love Alisa so much that I named my OC, Alice Buddy, after her.

3. R.O.B. from Nintendo. You guys probably all saw this one coming. I’ve made it no secret that I love R.O.B. from Smash Bros. and Mario Kart DS. Part of the reason why I like him is the fact that he does exist in our world. He’s a tangible robot in our reality. He’s a part of Nintendo’s history that they’re honoring. And the way they do so, is another reason why I like him; they made him an unexpected character in both Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Hell, being a fighter in Smash Bros. is basically a way of Nintendo crowning a character. He’s also got quite a sad, sympathetic story in the Subspace Emissary that I won’t spoil for you in case you haven’t seen it. I imagine that he’s a very lonely robot with some self-worth issues who just needs some friends and some love to make himself feel better.

2. Mighty Gazelle from F-Zero. Much like R.O.B., this guy is a really sympathetic robot. He was injured in a devastating F-Zero accident. Cyber Stick, Inc. was able to save him by transferring his mind into a robot body. His new body horrified his then fiancée, causing her to leave him forever. With nothing left to live for, he turned to the F-Zero races full-time. I really feel sorry for Mighty. Fortunately, though, he doesn’t feel sorry for himself as he seems to be doing fine. With my aid, he’s won a good number of Grand Prixs, he’s got a great side job as a disaster rescue robot for missions too dangerous for humans, and he’s got a girlfriend (“I hope you don’t think she’s a cyborg, too?”). All I can say is if F-Zero gets another representative in Smash, I sure hope it’s this guy.

1. WALL-E (WALL-E). WALL-E ranks really high as one of my favorite animated movies of all-time, and is my second-favorite PIXAR movie. Part of the reason why I love the movie is the titular protagonist. He’s very hard-working and determined, as we can see from the skyscrapers of trash he’s been creating for the past few centuries. He’s also very curious and interested in the world that came before him and it’s always interesting to see what junk he’ll find to worth saving for his collection, such as a jewelery box, a Rubik’s Cube, and a Spork. His love for EVE is also adorable and his determination to be able to hold hands with her is one of the sweetest romances I’ve ever seen. Not to mention WALL-E’s design is just so cute and cuddly. He’s covered in dirt and trash, but that wouldn’t prevent me from hugging the little guy.

And those were my top 10 favorite robot characters. If you have any robot characters you love, feel free to tell me in the comments.


Alex Harimon-Agins
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! I am Alex, a Rosalina fan who, like so many others, loves her. But don't judge me unfairly because of the other Rosalina fanboys. I'm really a very nice guy if you'll treat me kindly.

As well as Rosalina, I am also deeply in love with Lady Palutena from the Kid Icarus series :love:

I am a big Mario series fan. My favorite game in the regular series, being my first, is Super Mario Galaxy. My favorite Mario spin-off is Mario Kart Wii. It's also my favorite video game of all time.
I also like F-Zero X, the Kirby series, the Smash Bros. series, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Favorite Video Games:
1. Mario Kart Wii
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Super Smash Bros Brawl
4. Kid Icarus: Uprising
5. Mario Tennis 64

Favorite Mario Characters:
1. Rosalina
2. Daisy
3. Waluigi
4. Shy Guy
5. Toadette

Favorite Smash Bros.
1. Samus
2. Captain Falcon
3. Kirby

Favorite Melee-rs
1. Roy, my boy
2. Dr. Mario
3. Ganondorf
4. Mr. Game & Watch
5. Mewtwo

Favorite Brawlers
1. ZS Samus
2. Pit
3. Mr. Game & Watch
4. Ice Climbers
5. R.O.B.

Favorite Sm4shers:
1. Palutena :love:
2. Rosalina :love:
3. ZS Samus
4. Pit
5. Mr. Game & Watch
6. ROB
7. WiiFit Trainer
8. Dr. Mario
9. Robin
10. Morton Koopa Jr. (Bowser Jr. skin)

Favorite F-Zero racers:
1. Jody Summer
2. Mighty Gazelle
3. Captain Falcon
4. Dr. Stewart

Favorite Transformed Racers:
1. Gum
2. Wreck-It Ralph
4. Vyse, Vyse, baby
5. Mii

Favorite Tekken Fighters:
1. Angel
2. Alisa
3. Bob/Slim Bob
4. Alex
5. Christie

Favorite Kid Icarus characters:
1. Palutena :love:
2. Pit
3. Pyrrhon
4. Phosphora
5. Arlon (who breaks the trend of the list)

Favorite TF2 mercs:
1. Pyro
2. Spy
3. Medic
4. Scout
5. Sniper

Favorite Kirby characters:
1. Poppy Bros. Jr.
2. Galacta Knight
3. Prince Fluff
4. Meta Knight
5. The pink puffball himself

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I enjoy:
Alex (my self-insert) X Rosalina
Alex X Palutena
Mr. Game & Watch X Princess Zelda
Any couple involving R.O.B. (especially Mr. Game & Watch X R.O.B. and Samus X R.O.B.)
Rosalina X Pit
Rosalina X Marth
Marth X Roy
Marth X Peach
Mr. Game & Watch X Samus
Samus X Captain Falcon
Pit X Phosphora
DocFit (Dr. Mario x WiiFit Trainer)
Link X Lana
Jody Summer X John Tanaka (F-Zero)

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I kinda like, but not much:
White Mage X Waluigi
Daisy X Mario
Waluigi X Daisy
Samus X Mario
Samus X Zelda
Pit X Peach
Kirby X Jigglypuff
Rosalina X Samus
Rosalina X Ike
Palutena X Link
Pit X Lucina

Video game crack pairings and fan shippings I will never like:
Solid - Rose (Snake X Rosalina)
Bowser X Rosalina
Most couples involving Ike (Samus X Ike, Pit X Ike, Marth X Ike, etc...)
Pit X Palutena
Toad X Toadette (they are siblings)
Popo X Nana
Luigi X Rosalina
Any involving Yoshi (besides Yoshi X Birdo, but I'm indifferent about that one)
Palutena X Ganondorf (seriously, WTF?)

Non-Video Game Shippings I Like:
Wreck-It Ralph X Elsa
Emmet X Wyldstyle

I never try to insult anyone; I'm just very opinionated.

I'm also a Ace Stamp 1 by RJDaae
Got Pride?-Asexual by Makki12

My :devart: family:

My older sister - :iconzeldalina:
My younger sisters - :iconpokefan-271: :iconcutieblackmage: :iconyoshidaisyfriends: :icon5dspeach:
My quintuplet sisters - :iconsweetscout: :iconjeniashi: :iconthetroublesomezorua: :iconstarmischief:
My cousins - :iconamminyan: :iconchrysalislover: :iconcrystaliszelda: :iconcandysmithers:
My aunts - :iconpenguinton: :iconsunshineluigi:
My brothers - :iconadmiralpit: :iconwonderpikachu12: :iconmewmaster1997::iconmarioluigi25: :iconnintengustavo:

Friends of mine in love with video game characters:

Do NOT thank me for favs or for watching you!

Do NOT ask for points! :iconpointslaplz:


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